LG Philippines opens Display Information showroom at Pasig HQ

LG is keen to show off its latest display technologies and their different enterprise applications as they open a new showroom at their Pasig headquarters.

After a brief introduction from high-level executives of the company, LG demonstrated a number of their displays for various display information applications outside of the typical consumer-grade TVs and displays.

These various applications include Control Solutions for security command centers, Quick Service Retail (QSR) such as fast food chains, Transportation such as airports or bus terminals. Retail, Education, and Corporate settings are also covered, as well as hotels whose dynamic clientele demand various types of displays.

Prominently displayed were these back-to-back OLED panels, one of which was encased in glass panels.

Of course, OLED’s use in ad signage raises a lot of worries about burn-in since ads have a lot of static elements such as logos and text. One of LG reps quickly pointed out to however that the company has done extensive work to mitigate this using algorithms. While we didn’t go into detail regarding these algorithms, he explained that it works by having the display ‘shift’ the image ever so slightly and very quickly.

Other displays were LCD-based such as the ones used to show arrival and departure times in airports, a large 86-inch touchscreen with 20 touch points and built-in paint tools, and smaller, but still touch-enabled screens made for self-service stores like fast food chains.

With all of these demos, LG pretty much have all of their bases covered from living room TVs up to digital signages.

Interested in getting one for your establishment? Find out what’s the best for you by visiting their Pasig headquarters at 15 Francisco Legaspi St, Brgy. Maybunga or visit their website at wwhttp://www.lg.com/phw.lg.com/ph

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