LG Celebrates National Women’s Month Empowering The Filipino Household

Laundry is probably one of the most challenging of the household chores. Mothers of Filipino homes in charge of this know all that too well, and that challenge goes double for men who haven’t got the slightest idea how to work a washing machine (I know I’ve tried).

Luckily, LG with their extensive experience in smart devices is here to the rescue. Launching their Laundry Love campaign, the company aims to empower not just women, but also men who maintain the upkeep of their homes by continuing to attune and develop its smart home devices. LG Home Appliances are developed with ease-of-use and innovative technologies to ensure that the job is done and done fast.

With the participation of car enthusiast James Deakin, actor/model Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai, and the PBA’s ‘Ironman’ LA Tenorio, the male trio was able to demonstrate just how intuitive and beginner-friendly it is to use the LG Home Appliance’s Front Load Washer with Turbo Wash technology. The speedy and time saving Turbo Wash feature of the Front Load was very much appreciated by James while Eric, who’s just had a baby, found the Baby Steam Care function very useful. For his active lifestyle, LA used the Twin Load to wash his just-used basketball clothes simultaneously with his kids’ clothes to save time.

With the current water supply issues currently plaguing Metro Manila, LG has also done it’s part by opening its office to the residents of Barangay Maybunga in Pasig so that they may use the company’s powerful washers to do their laundry. LG will also soon be rolling out their mobile laundry van to different barangays in Metro Manila.

Whether you’re working full-time or a stay-at-home mom or dad, or even a kid, doing the household chores with the family will be a breeze with LG Home Appliances. With the spirit of love and working together, the Filipino home is empowered and kept stronger even through tough times.

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