Let me Re-Introduce Myself

DR is a shortened username of david-ruffin, a nick I’ve been using in mIRC channels, mailing lists and internet tech forums since 2000. My name is Reggie, or if you prefer you can call me DR :)

My passion on mobile technology started in 1999 when I got my first mobile phone, aNokia 1610. I’ve been switching phones since then, looking for better and improved features. In 2003, I got my first Smartphone – a Smart Amazing Phone (a.k.a. HTC Tanager) from Smart Communications powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobileplatform. It tickled my fancy, I’ve always wanted a phone that acts like a computer where you can store almost an unlimited number of PIM (Personal Information Management) data, install applications and play multimedia files. I later acquired my first PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), an Asus A620BT Pocket PC also powered by Windows Mobile. which became my go-to device (I had a Casio Digital Diary PDA handed down to me by my brother in 2001, but that doesn’t count). These devices suggest that I’m a Windows Mobile fanboy (I used to be) but I was also open to use other devices. Along the way I owned a couple of Palm Handhelds and I liked the way it handled PIM data, but It’s just that I prefer using Pocket PCs as they are more suitable to my lifestyle.

In those years I became active in various online forums to share my Smartphone and PDA knowledge and experiences with fellow enthusiasts. Eventually, friends, colleagues, and even strangers referred by other friends would approach me to teach them how to maximise their expensive Php50,000 phones, consult on what phones to buy or if they should sell their existing ones, and fix/hack their phones if they have issues.

This passion of mine opened new doors of opportunities for me. I have written device reviews for Tech & Tuner Magazine, Gadgets Magazine, and Mobile Philippines (MPH) Magazine. I jumped into the opportunity to the Telecommunications industry, a very competitive but exciting one that is very close to my heart. I got involved in sales, marketing, training and product development for local and international phone brands in a span of 5 years.

Nowadays, my world revolves around OSX, iOS and Android but I keep myself in the loop with other platforms like Microsoft’s Windows Phone and other upcoming mobile OS. My career? Well, I consider myself a digital nomad. I work as an online professional contractor managing a team here in the Philippines. I also write for one of the Philippine’s best tech blog Technoodling as a contributor, where some of those entries were reposted here in my blog. The good thing about what I do now is I work anwhere I please, whether in the coffee shops in the metro, in the cool highlands of Baguio or at the World’s Best Beach that is Boracay as long as I have my trusty mobile gear and internet with me. Speaking of my gear, I now use a MacBook Air mid-2011 13″, an iPhone 4S (which I sometimes pair with my Apple Wireless Keyboard) alternating it with my Samsung Galaxy S3, which I always use to watch my favourite TV series and movies. My iPod Classic 160GB and myMinistry of Sound headphones keep me company by letting me listen to my music playlists and podcasts

To end this introduction of mine, I’ve been asked recently why am I always “on the go”. My answer: “Nothing stands still, so neither do I.”

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