Let GCash Fund Transfer Help Your Parents This Tuition Season

It’s already the month of June. For students, it means it’s back to school while for parents, it’s the season to pay their children’s school’s tuition fees. I know our parents are busy working and to make them go to our school to pay our fees is going an extra mile. In the age of internet banking, not all schools are receptive to this, making our parents frown because that could have saved them time and effort from leaving work.

As responsible children, we could help our parents solve this problem. My best suggestion is to advise them to use GCash Fund Transfer. It’s easy to use and can be advantageous to us students too! Here are some suggestions to our parents how GCash Fund Transfe

r can help save them time and manage our school allowances.


Your parents can simply hand you the cash for you to pay the school fees. The problem here is there are risks involved. It is not safe to bring a large sum of cash especially if you are taking public transportation. Chances are, you might get robbed.

My suggestion is to use GCash Fund Transfer. To use GCash Fund Transfer, all your parents need to have is the GCash app on their phone and link their bank accounts. After that, all they need to do is enter your bank account number and the amount of funds to be transferred. It’s that simple! Doing this method using the GCash app only takes two minutes as seen in this video.

Once they have made the transfer, use your ATM card to withdraw funds in your school then pay for the tuition fees. You saved your parents from visiting your school and still get to pay the school fees!


Ah yes, the reason for us to go to school is so we can have our allowance. Kidding! Sometimes our parents are too busy they forget to give our allowances during school days. GCash Fund Transfer helps them solve that.

Wherever your folks are, they can use GCash Fund Transfer to send your allowance while they are on their way to work or at the office, while on a business trip in another town or on a vacation in another country. That’s the beauty of using the app. And we get to have our allowance!

Do you have any other ways of using GCash Fund Transfer for paying tuition fees and such? Share it by leaving us a comment.

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