Lenovo Philippines Announces the Availability of the Thinkpad 8

The Thinkpad, in my opinion, is one of the best lineup of laptops I’ve laid my hands on. I’ve been using those chunky Thinkpads during my college years in the 90s where I borrow from our I.T. department for presentations. I purchased a second hand Thinkpad T22 several years ago, which was my very first laptop.

Thinkpads are usually expensive, and they have a damn good reason why they are. To my surprise, there’s a new Thinkpad that is affordable. Really affordable.

It’s not a laptop though, but a Windows 8 tablet. According to Lenovo, the Thinkpad 8 is pre-loaded with powerful Think-quality PC capabilities which are unique to the Think heritage. While the specs seems to be quite similar to the Lenovo Miix 2 which has a cheaper price of Php 21,999 the Thinkpad 8 is equipped with features that will benefit demanding business users.

Today’s busy professionals can enjoy the mobility of the Thinkpad 8 which weighs less than 0.5 kg. The ThinkPad 8’s multi-mode features allow business users to easily shift to and from tent, laptop, tablet and desktop modes which adapt to different workplace requirements eliminating the need to pack different devices while travelling. With a battery life that lasts up to eight hours on a single battery charge, the ThinkPad 8 spares professionals from searching for power sockets whenever their devices die on them while they are on the move.

ThinkPad 8 Quickshot Cover_05

In addition, the optional Quickshot cover specially designed for the ThinkPad 8 makes photo-taking a breeze as the MP camera is quickly activated with a swift flick of the innovative corner flap. The cover can also prop the device up to provide better viewing angles for visuals and video calls.

The lightweight ThinkPad 8 can easily be converted into a PC via a USB 3.0 dock or monitor, enabling the user to create content effortlessly. With additional features like TPM 2.0, Mobile Device Management, Workplace Join, and an auto-triggered VPN function, the ThinkPad 8 offers enhanced security levels, so that professionals do not have to worry about data safety.

Unfortunately, I was not sent the specs of the Thinkpad 8 and from what I’ve researched, there are 3 variants available. I’ll check with Lenovo and will try to update this post soon. If you’re interested to check this out, the ThinkPad 8 is available at Lenovo Exclusive Stores, SM North EDSA Think Exclusive Store, and Lenovo Corporate Resellers nationwide.


Lenovo Exclusive Stores, SM North EDSA Think Exclusive Store, and Lenovo Corporate Resellers nationwide.


SRP of the Thinkpad 8 is Php 25,490.00.

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