Launched: Nokia X, The Android-Powered Nokia Phone



It was only a couple of weeks ago when the Nokia X was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And yesterday, it has landed here in the Philippines

I mentioned in the previous post that the Nokia X series is targeting the mid-range mobile phone market by offering a smartphone based on the Android open source system. Nokia Philippines believes that the new device is the perfect introduction to those who are new to the world of Android, coupled with signature Nokia experiences and the popular Microsoft services.

Some things to note about the Nokia X:

  • Fastlane, which is found in the Nokia Asha series is also present in the Nokia X.
  • Google’s Play Store is absent, but the Nokia Store is there with more than 30 dozen thirty-party apps and you can sideload other Android apps (meaning you just need the .apk file of the Android app and install it with the Nokia X’s file explorer)
  • Nokia Shell is available in 4 different colors: Bright Green, Bright Red, Black and White

Only the Nokia X so far was launched and we have no idea if the X+ and XL will be introduced here as well. Check out the specs provided to us by Nokia Philippines:



SRP of the Nokia X is Php 5,990.00! The price is quite near from what was announced in the Mobile World Congress. Kudos Nokia!

Oh, and Nokia was very generous for giving each of us a Nokia X! Full review in 2 weeks!



The Nokia X is now available at Nokia stores and major telecom dealers.

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