Kita-kits, Internet Explorer!

Kita-kits, Internet Explorer!

Some time ago, we wrote about Microsoft’s plans of launching a new browser and finally retiring Internet Explorer. Well, it has finally come to pass as the tech giant has recently confirmed that the IE brand won’t see the light in Windows 10… sort of.

Consumers will see iterations of Internet Explorer for enterprise compatibility in the new OS, but a new browser tagged Project Spartan will be taking its place. Project Spartan can be used across all PCs and mobile devices, and will have the ability to sync virtual assistant Cortana as well as integrate OneDrive. All though a name is yet to be decided on, marketing chief Chris Capossela revealed that may have “Microsoft” in it.

As Microsoft continues to beef up Windows 10, we expect to see and hear more news about Project Spartan, Continuum Mode, and the cross-device Xbox experience. With these developments, Capossela may just be right:  Microsoft may have once again become a brand that’s ready to be loved by consumers.

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