Kingston Brings High Quality Storage Solutions to PH thru Authorized Partners

Kingston Technology teamed up with channel partners to promote the authorized partner program in Philippines. Since the launch of the authorized partner program, Kingston now has over 300 authorized stores
and nearly 500 brand ambassadors nationwide. Well trained brand ambassadors will guide customers to the most suitable storage solution provided by Kingston, which will continue to bring seasonal special
promotions here in the Philippines. In addition, Kingston aims to provide free technical support as well as reliable warranties through its authorized partners.

Kingston also showcased their full line up of products including the full rebranded Canvas memory cards, a variety of portable solutions, and system upgrade solutions for both everyday users and corporate users.

I’ve purchased Kingston SD and MicroSD cards during my COMPUTEX trip to Taipei in 2016. They are the only brand of memory cards that provide extra storage for my smartphones, tablets and digital camera.

While I now have two freshly-reformatted extra external hard drives, I am planning to purchase large capacity thumbdrives from Kingston. Not only they’re small in size, they have fast transfer rates too.

Kingston also offers storage drives with additional security. This is highly recommended if you keep very important files with you.

Kingston also provides storage for PC and laptops. PC enthusiasts I know have purchased SSDs and memory cards for their rigs.

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