Kingston Announces New Products at CES 2020

Kingston, the leading manufacturer of memory products has announced their new items from the recently concluded CES 2020.

These new Kingston CES 2020 products are:

a.) Canvas Plus Flash Cards: A refreshed offering of their memory cards, with high read/transfer speeds by utilizing the UHS-II specification to the cards, and higher capacity storage. Included is the MobileLite plus reader that supports this particular line update.

b.) NVMe PCIe Gen 4.0 M.2 SSD: This is Kingston’s first new product for computer storage utilizing Gen 4.0 PCIe NVMe. By utilizing Gen 4.0 PCIe found on the latest AMD powered motherboards, this will enable faster read and write speeds for PC owner, doubling that of the existing PCIe Gen 3.0.

c.) For Enterprise customers, Kingston announced and demoed two Data Center SSDs:

i.) Data Center NVMe SSD for both U.2 and M.2 form factors: These drives are designed to offer low latency, high read and write times on data center servers as upgrades.

ii.) Data Center SATA SSD (DC450R, D500R) capacity addition: while the NVMe SSDs offer higher performance with regards to speed and timings, the SATA SSD drives will offer higher storage capacities of 7.68TB in total storage.

d.) Embedded Products: Kingston also announced of several new embedded products for the consumer market. Stay tuned in the coming months for more updates regarding these.

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