KINGMAX Launches TWS Bluetooth earbuds JoyBuds511 — Dual Microphones, CVC Noise Reduction Technology, Qualcomm Bluetooth Chip

KINGMAX extends their reach on mobile phone peripherals with the upcoming release of the TWS Bluetooth earbuds JoyBuds511. It features an impressive trio of Qualcomm Bluetooth chip, built-in dual microphones, and CVC Noise Reduction Technology.

KINGMAX is more known as a memory manufacturer but has now been releasing other peripherals such as mobile batteries and encryption cards. Now onto earphone territory, they’re introducing their first ever TWS Bluetooth earbuds, JoyBuds511. The JoyBuds511 runs on a Qualcomm Bluetooth chip supporting aptX codec audio transmission and lowers power consumption while maintaining connection stability.

Subsequently, the KINGMAX JoyBuds511 for sure goes strong on its connectivity abilities. On its release, it directly upgrades to Bluetooth 5.0 eliminating de facto Bluetooth 4.2’s issues. It’s highly compatible across all platforms. Along with a flexible latest update, a Multi-function touch key eases user experience. Users will be able to explore the earbuds’ features in just a touch.

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Moreover since the JoyBuds511 has the necessary hardware like dual microphones and CVC Noise Reduction Technology, it also offers superior voice calling quality. The JoyBuds511 is capable of filtering out human sound and suppress surrounding noise making for clearer conversations anywhere.

Speaking of anywhere, the design on the JoyBuds511 is essentially for comfort anywhere. It’s flat in-ear design makes it lie close to the ear letting it stay there for dynamic activities. It’s also with an IPX7 waterproof design against sweat, rain, and other possible fluids. Additionally it offers three different earplug sizes for you to customize based on activity or preference. You can certainly achieve headphone positioning and balance in low, medium and high tones.

Lastly, to top it all off, it boasts of a huge battery. It’s basically long lasting power on a quality lithium battery that passed Korea Certification (KC). The JoyBuds511 can go for 6-7 hours non-stop use but with its 480mAh lightweight charging cabin, it can go for 26 hours of usage time.

Pricing and availability details are soon to be announced but its expected to arrive by May 2020. Visit KINGMAX’s Official Website to know more.

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