Itching to Get a New Smartphone

No, not to replace my Android which is my main mobile platform of choice. I just want to try my hand on another mobile operating system. I remind myself that I am a mobile tech enthusiast – I may favor such devices but I have to try the others so I would know their advantages/disadvantages.

Since December, I’ve been eyeing to get a new smartphone to add to my mobile arsenal. Not an Android Smartphone (got lots of those anyway) but I’m interested to get either an iPhone or a Blackberry. Now I have my own ways and reasons to use these devices, so your usage may differ from mine. However, I’ll blog how I’ll come about deciding on how I will end up getting a device and how it will compliment with my other devices. No, I don’t think there’s a need for me to set up a separate tech blog so documenting it here on my personal blog will suffice. 🙂

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