Itching to buy a Smartphone

I’m still recovering from fever that reached 38.9 degrees yesterday, but that doesn’t stop me from getting a smartphone today. I’ve been calling sellers on buy and sell forums, checking out some best buy deals.

Honestly, I was already set to buy the Dopod U1000 because the price was so low. But as I’ve said in my post before, it’s too big for me to carry as a phone (my preferences on size has already changed, unlike before I wouldn’t mind carrying big phones). I’m not keen on getting the Nokia E61i as of the moment and I couldn’t find a good deal on a Nokia N95.

Right now, all I could think of is buying a Palm Treo 750. It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted something about the Treo 750. I’ve declared last year during the Treo 750 launch in the Philippines that it’s a non-Dopod product I would love to own. I’m not excited anymore compared to last year, but if I can get a good deal today then I’ll grab it.


Okay. I need to change clothes now! I’ll be meeting with the seller of a Palm Treo 750 in less than an hour!

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