I-mate Ultimate 9502


The I-mate Ultimate 9502 is a Windows Mobile 6 Professional PDA Phone that has a 2.8″ VGA touch screen with 640×480 pixels resolution, 400 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7200 processor, 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM, Quadband GSM, Triband 3G with HSUPA and HSDPA, Bluetooth, WiFi b/g, Integrated GPS, 3MP auto focus camera with flash, built-in QWERTY thumboard (after screen slide-out) and a video output for monitors, projectors & displays. End-users who want to have all the powerful features in one single device will not look any further as the Ultimate 9502 is now available in the market.
imate 9502 1
I’m very impressed with its build quality which is a combination of metal and plastic materials. The I-mate Ultimate 9502’s design was inspired by T-Mobile U.S.’s Sidekick. It’s unique for a Windows Mobile device and honestly I’m kinda tired of the slide-out keyboard design popularized by HTC a few years ago so this is a welcome change. The response of the screen orientation when popping out or closing the screen is a bit slow. The rep from I-mate said it was because of the programs running in the background which were not yet closed but even after we terminated the applications it still got the same response. VGA screen is gorgeous, but then again I prefer a bigger VGA screen.
If I found the Ultimate 8502’s thumboard tiny, the 9502 has got the tiniest among them. I reckon it’s tinier than the HTC Cavalier (a.k.a. Dopod C730, HTC S630) and realistically speaking, I may have a hard time writing long e-mails or blogging on this phone.
I have to say, this PDA Phone has everything! CNET Asia compared it to the mighty HTC Tytn II and though they have similar features, I-mate turned out to have the advantage. These are the TV Out feature and the bright VGA screen. I am not sure if it was also mentioned, but I-mate dared to give 24 months warranty to its products making it another plus factor.
If I were going to buy a brand new Windows Mobile Professional phone, the Ultimate 9502 will be part of my shortlist. I can’t tell if I can live with its thumboard but with all the features I want and need present in the 9502, I think it can be compromised.
imate 9502 2
notice how big my thumb is when typing on the 9502’s “cute” thumboard
imate 9502 3
imate 9502 4
imate 9502 5
imate 9502 6
Reminds me of the HP iPAQ hx4700
imate 9502 palm treo 750
Pose with my Palm Treo 750
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