Huawei Watch GT 3 Review – The Smart Handsome Wearable

I reviewed the Huawei Watch GT 2e smartwatch last year and I considered it the best wearable device for under P7,000. It became my main smartwatch since then and I never got tired of using it. Recently, HUAWEI announced their new Watch GT 3 series and they offered me to review it. Is this a worthy upgrade for the Watch GT 2e?


OS:Harmony OS
Display: 466x466 HD 1.43" AMOLED Display
Wireless Connections:Bluetooth 5.1, LE / EDR
Memory:4GB Internal Storage, 32MB RAM
Battery:455 mAh (supports wireless charging)
SRP:46mm - P12,999
42mm - P11,999

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The Huawei Watch GT 3 comes in a black box similar to its predecessor. The etched gold print suggests the premium value of the smartwatch we are about to unbox.

Inside the box are the Huawei Watch GT 3 review unit, magnetic charger and user manuals.


Ah yes! I now have the latest premium smartwatch from Huawei! There are two sizes of the Huawei Watch GT 3: a 42mm and a bigger 46mm. My review unit is the 46mm variant which has a tachymeter on the rim, and like previous Huawei Watch models is also made of durable stainless steel. Oddly enough, my Watch GT 3 came with a protective case cover, giving it a more stealth look. I didn’t mind it though, as long as it protects my brand new smartwatch.

The strap that came with the Huawei Watch GT 3 review unit is made of rubber – perfect for users who are into physical activities. If you wish to change the rubber straps, you’ll be glad to know that Huawei has made it easy for users to remove these straps and change it to the more stylish leather or stainless steel straps.

Found on the right side of the Watch GT 3 are the rotating crown and a button. Pressing the crown will open the menu on the watch while scrolling it will let you zoom in and out of the display. The lower button is for accessing various workout modes as well as activating voice assistant.

The rear of the Watch GT 3 has the new TruSeen 5+ sensor which is said to improve health tracking activities.

Wearing the Watch GT 3 feels alright like any ordinary watch. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and it almost weighs the same as my previous Watch GT 2e. It looks handsome on my wrist too!

ADD the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 to your Shopee Cart Now!


The display of the Huawei Watch GT 3 is the largest I’ve used among all my smartwatches. The 46mm variant comes with 1.43-inches AMOLED display while the smaller 42mm has 1.32-inches. Both variants have a resolution of 466×466 which is a slight improvement to its predecessor’s 454×454. The large screen display offers bright, rich colors and I had no problem reading the time or notifications under the the bright sunlight. Navigating the watch’s touchscreen is responsive and the actions are similar to a smartphone.

The nice thing about the Watch GT 3 is the ability to customize it. Aside from being able to change straps, you can also change the watch face by using the Huawei Health app. You can also purchase more watch faces using the app.


To use the Huawei Watch GT 3, it has to be paired first with a smartphone via bluetooth, regardless if it’s a Huawei phone or not. The Watch GT 3 showed a QR code on its screen that lead me to opening the Huawei Health app on my Huawei Mate40 Pro. Setting up the smartwatch was a breeze.

Whatever your workout is, the Huawei Watch GT 3 can track all your exercises and physical activities. In fact, it can handle more than 100 workout modes ranging from running, cycling, swimming, hiking and even skiing and snowboarding. Workouts can be customized by selecting Custom where you can select your ideal type of activities to be tracked by the Watch GT 3. It supports 5 types of GPS systems so your scheduled running exercises will be recorded accurately.

All your activities recorded are stored and can be fully viewed with the aforementioned Huawei Health App. I am no stranger to this app as I’ve used this before with other Huawei wearable devices. The Watch GT 3 was able to track my daily steps, heart rate, SpO2 levels, stress levels and sleep. I was always impressed with Huawei’s way of tracking my health especially my heart rate and SpO2 levels. They’re almost accurate compared to the pulse oximeter my nurses at the hospital use. However, the Watch GT 3 fails to track my sleeping patterns correctly. Both my Watch GT 2e and Band 6 were able to track my sleep properly before so I am not sure why I wasn’t getting the same results with the Watch GT 3.

The Watch GT 3’s software has been changed from Lite OS to Harmony OS, an improvement I’ve been wanting to see for years. In previous versions of the Huawei Watch, apps are pre-installed and there is no option to add more. Thanks to Harmony OS, I can add more apps via the AppGallery in Huawei Health. So far, apps are quite limited so I hope developers would be able to create more useful apps for the Watch GT 3.

There are other things you can do with the Watch GT 3. Aside from the usual calls, messaging and app notifications, It can store and play mp3 files even without bluetooth earphones paired with the watch. It can also work as a remote shutter for taking selfies or group photos while the smartphone is held with a tripod. While I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t support eSIM, the Watch GT 3 can still let you answer calls through its loudspeaker. I’ve tested it in a Starbucks branch and surprisingly the voice is audible enough.

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Huawei claims that the Watch GT 3 can last up to 14 days on a single charge. During my evaluation period, my Huawei Watch GT 3 review unit lasted up to 12 days, which is still longer than the usual 3-4 days of uptime. An improvement I liked with the new smartwatch is its wireless charging feature. The Watch GT 3 can be charged with any wireless charger and can be even charged with my Mate40 Pro or MatePad Pro’s reverse charging feature. This means, I can charge my smartwatch anywhere I go without the worry of not having its dedicated charger.


The Huawei Watch GT 3 is not only for those who are active in sports. it can be a geek’s best friend. Athletes or users who workout a lot will certainly appreciate all the workout modes the Watch GT 3 can capture, while ordinary users can capitalize the watch’s smart features. I hope HUAWEI will encourage developers to create more apps for the Watch GT 3’s Harmony OS, like other smartwatches with watchOS and Wear OS.

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  • Handsome looks
  • Faster GPS lock
  • Can accept calls via bluetooth
  • New HarmonyOS adds ability to add third-party apps
  • Wireless Charging


  • Apps are limited for the watch

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