Huawei & Globe Teams Up to #RewriteTheRules

Globe and Huawei want to encourage every artistic human being to be a brave creator. To tell your stories, share your vision and to communicate freely, through the Globe x Reframed #RewriteTheRules campaign. So what’s it all about? Using only the Huawei P30 Pro to shoot the entire project, Reframed is a mini-series of videos directed by none other than Judd Figuerres. And Highlighting three well-known creators or should I say brave creators?

At the age of 21, he made his directorial debut with Rekorder in 2013, Mikhail Red is one of the youngest indie filmmakers in our country. He is inspired by real life stories and how Philippine cinema can thrive from it, saying, “I know that the work is never finished. Filmmaking is to constantly create and recreate, each and every time.” You can check out his Reframed video here

This fashion forward and editorial creative – Kim Jones-Rosales is my personal fave as one of the #TheBraveOnes, I’m a fan since her ETC Channel’s Etcetera days (heart eyes). She believes that collaborative efforts can have amazing fruits of labor and saying as much in her Reframed video that, “We’re living during a time where people are coming together to constantly discover and understand. They’re charged to change. They’re charged with passion and purpose.”

Last but not the least, is the Master in the craft of paper cutting to a fine art form – Ryan Villamael. His artworks of three-dimensional expressions are recognized both locally and internationally. He adds, “Its a humble medium, but with so many possibilities left to explore. Art is to tell a story, and to prove that there are endless possibilities.” 

Now who wasn’t inspired by those three diverse and creative people? Now I want to use my Huawei P30 Pro for my own version of Reframed, and #RewriteTheRules. And, you can try it out too!

Don’t have the Huawei P30 Pro yet? Don’t fret! The Huawei P30 powered by Globe Postpaid is your gateway to becoming a brave creator. For only Php 2,799 (ThePLAN 1799 + Php1,000/month cashout) you can take home the Huawei P30 Pro or if you’re still on a budget you can go with the Huawei P30 for only Php 2,199 (ThePLAN 1799 + Php400/month cashout). With a data allocation of 16 GB for both P30 and P30 Pro you can create and rewrite the rules anytime you want. So what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest Globe Store near you!

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