Huawei Band Now Available in PH

Wearables ranging from smartbands to smartwatches have been around the market for the past couple of years. However, reception hasn’t been that great for various reasons. Huawei is determined to make wearables relevant again by announcing its newest wearable called the Huawei Band.

The Huawei Band is not to be mistaken as a cheaper Huawei Watch as the former is focused on one thing – the user’s health. It is able to monitor the user’s activities like walking, running and sleeping. When resting, the Huawei Band’s built-in Cap Sensor can distinguish between the user’s idle and sleep states. This lets the person review his resting patterns so he can┬ámake adjustments in the process. Would you believe that it even has a “stand reminder” which notifies users if they’ve been sitting on their butts for too long?



This latest wearable from Huawei is not really a watch but they’ve included it anyway. Its OLED touch display can show the time and battery meter with different watch faces to choose from. It can also receive notifications from the paired smartphone like phone calls. Since the Huawei Band is also suited for physical activities, its scratch resistant steel body also happens to be water resistant which means you can wear with it while running under the rain or while taking a shower.

The Huawei Band is compatible with smartphones at least on Android 4.4.4 and iOS 7.0. I got one from yesterday’s Huawei event and started to wear it today. Expect a review from me soon!


The SRP of the Huawei Band is P2,990 and is available at all Huawei and partner stores nationwide starting today.

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