HP Pavilion tx2028AU Entertainment Notebook (Tablet) PC


I was interested before with the HP Pavilion tx1000 but what changed my mind is it’s not really a tablet pc. What I like in a Tablet PC is the active digitizer that lets me scribble while pressing the button of the pen and palm on the screen. Rumours surfaced about its successor a couple of months ago, the tx2000, in tablet pc forums that it will have both a touchscreen and an active digitizer. Then finally it got released in the U.S. for around US$1,600 plus, which is affordable for a tablet.
I didn’t expect that they will launch it soon here, and for such a good price. The catch – the special price of S$1,699.00 is only good for students with their student passes. The retail price is set at S$2,828. Ouch! My impression is they’re really encouraging students to use Tablet PCs in their schools. I wish I can be a student again.
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