How SKY Broadband Values My Time of Rest & Leisure

I may always be on the go, but there are times that I’d like to stay in my comforts of my home to relax from the demands of work and blogging. Relaxing, as Digital Reg doesn’t necessarily mean I have to go offline. My form of cooling down requires to be connected to the internet too. I make calls to my close friends and relatives with VOIP apps, I read articles and watch videos for entertainment. The internet connection has to be fast and reliable, otherwise I would be stressed out.

I’m glad there’s SKY Broadband.

Bessie HBO

SKY Broadband values my limited but precious time of relaxation by providing me ultra-fast broadband speeds up to 200 mbps. That means no signal disruptions on my VOIP calls, no buffering on streaming videos. That also means I can be continuously updated with the TV shows that I regularly watch.

Transformers SKY On Demand

Speaking of TV Shows, another thing I love about SKY Broadband is it gives me access to HBO GO. While others love Game of Thrones, I enjoy watching other HBO original series like The Newsroom, Silicon Valley in my living room or anywhere else with my laptop or mobile devices thanks to HBO GO. And if I want to watch a large variety of shows from both local and foreign channels as well as blockbuster movie hits, I just use SKY On Demand’s service to let me view my selected shows wherever I am. I’m already enjoying this service at home, and if you want to use this service too, just upgrade to the new SKY On Demand digibox for as low as Php 399.

Check out this video from SKY Broadband about the services I’ve just mentioned.

Do you want to enjoy these services like I do? Easy! Visit  or to try it out for 60 days. And if you are already subscribed to SKY Broadband and want to be entertained by these video services with your mobile devices wherever you are, download the HBO GO and SKY on Demand mobile apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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