Headset and 2GB of RAM

At long last, I finally got my pay today! 🙂 I didn’t splurge, I just bought a couple of things I need.


I bought myself a decent headset by A4Tech. I’ve been using my I-Tech Arrow X bluetooth headset for VOIP calls but using a real headset can be better sometimes so I got myself one.

Kingston RAM

My highlight of the day is buying a Kingston 2GB RAM DDR2 for my Kohjinsha SH6 UMPC. My UMPC used to have 512MB of RAM and it’s freakin’ sluggish. To my disappointment, I don’t feel much difference. Is it just me? Many users are saying that 2GB makes a lot of difference in Vista. Could it be they made some more tweaks to make theirs faster?

I hope I didn’t waste money on upgrading my RAM.

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