Head to Head: LG G3 and iPhone 6

iPhone6 VS LG G3 full
Everyone’s talking about the iPhone 6 way before it was officially announced and with it, the Apple vs. Android argument has begun anew. But when it comes down to it, which is the better device?


The LG G3 comes in 16GB and 32GB variants, with the ability to add up to 128GB storage. The iPhone 6 has 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB options, but without expandable memory. If you take pictures and like to watch movies on your phone a lot, then it seems like the G3 is the winner for this category.


Speaking of movies, both the G3 and iPhone 6 have pushed the boundaries of display technology. The G3 has a massive 5.5 inch Quad HD screen with a pixel density of 534ppi, while the iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch Retina HD screen with a pixel density of 326ppi. The G3’s display has been described as brilliant, while the iPhone’s is sharp with realistic color reproduction. There doesn’t seem like a clear winner here, as both phones offer resolutions that make them the top of their respective hills.


Apple has always had an edge when it comes to smartphone cameras. This time around, the iPhone 6 has an 8MP rear camera that can capture 3264×2448 pixel images and dual LED flash. It can take videos up to 1080p. The G3 meanwhile has a 13MP rear shooter, dual LED flash, and laser auto focus, with the ability to record videos in 4K resolution. If comparison is done by the numbers, then the G3 is the winner, but when it comes down to it, Apple’s history of making the best with less might just come out on top.


Speaking of numbers, the G3’s hardware does an impressive job with them: 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB of RAM (for the 32GB version). The iPhone 6 meanwhile has an 1.4GHz A8 processor and 1GB RAM. As far as pure numbers go, the G3 is the winner here, but specs mean nothing without user experience. Both phones have been subjected to countless benchmarks since their respective releases, and really, both phones are performers.


Perhaps the category with the most weight is pricing. Kimstore starts its iPhone 6 (16GB) at P38,900 (updated rate as of September 28) while the LG G3 32GB is priced at P23,580. For price-to-spec ratio, the clear winner is the G3.


While the G3 has monster specs, the iPhone 6 carries the brand’s sleek sense of class and style. Plus if you’re used to Apple’s environment (like iTunes) and if you have the money for it, then better stick to the gadget you know and upgrade. If you’re the type who wants the best specs technology has to offer, then LG’s beast phone is for you.

Photos courtesy of Apple and LG
Sources: Macworld and Kimstore

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