Great Time with the Treo (the phone and the party)!


Had a great time last night at the Palm Treo 750 launch. Drinks were on the house and met friends both from the Pinoy Windows Mobile and Mapalad camps respectively. Thanks to Jed, Marketing Manager of Mobile1 and fellow member in the user-groups, I was able to play with the Treo 750 while Rico of The Smart PDA showed me its ease of use. I was in a bliss! Holding a Palm Treo running on Windows Mobile 5 left me saying three words in succession – Oh my God! For geeks like me, I don’t mind tapping here and there to get to a PIM application. But for the ordinary user, it can get irritating so Palm and the folks at Microsoft collaborated to make things simpler. More on that on a future post.

Congratulations to the organizers of the Launch Party. I had a great time and I’m sure others did so as well.

(photo courtesy of Carlo Ma. Guerrero)

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