Graduation Gift Suggestion: Starmobile Engage 7TV from Smart BRO



It’s graduation season. Our dear graduates deserve some reward for all their efforts in fulfilling their academic requirements.

So for the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some gift suggestions for your loved ones and today let me start one from Starmobile and Smart BRO. The Starmobile Engage 7TV is a Dual-Core powered Android tablet that is focused on keeping you entertained. As the name suggests, this 7-inch tablet has a built-in TV that can be used for both analog and digital formats. A new grad will appreciate the Engage 7TV ‘coz he can watch his favorite TV programs anywhere: while looking for a job, while on transport, or spending his vacation at the beach this summer.

Getting the Starmobile Engage 7TV from Smart BRO will only cost Php 499 a month! Ang mura ha!!! That is damn affordable if you ask me! Anyway, Plan 499 can give you a free Smart BRO Pocket WiFi where 30 hours can be used for mobile internet surfing. Your favorite new grad will be able to find work on his brand new Engage 7TV thanks to fast and reliable mobile internet care of Smart BRO.

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