Got the HTC Magic from SMART

HTC Magic with Unlimited Internet from SMART

I usually don’t get mobile phones from mobile operators. Though they subsidize the cost of these phones, I still think they’re pretty high for the postpaid plans they offer. There were a couple of times I got the phones for free from these networks – the first was a Nokia 3530 under plan 800 from Globe (2 year contract, only lasted for several months), and a Smart Amazing Phone (a.k.a. HTC Tanager) under plan 800 from Smart (30 month contract). I got them because I thought they’re being offered for free at the right plan.

It’s been 7 years since I got a free phone, and my needs have changed too. I’ve been harping for these networks to offer unlimited internet for users who rely on data. I became a data-centric person who wants to be online 24/7 so I can send and receive emails, search for subjects quickly, and update my friends on social-networking sites. I also wanted a smartphone that has all the connectivity I need, which of course are Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, & 3G.

I was introduced to the Android Mobile Operating System last year and had the chance to play with the HTC Magic. The HTC Magic is being offered exclusively by SMART and during that time it’s being offered at Plan 3500 for a cash-out of Php3,000.00. I thought the price was outrageous and decided not to get it. After several months of trying to offer it on lower plans with an HTC Sense upgrade,  they began to offer it at Plan 1800 for FREE. And the deal clincher for this is the Unlimited Internet that came along with this plan. Not bad eh? It’s the best postpaid plan being offered by these networks.

So I went to the SMART Sales Office in Cash & Carry Mall and gave the required documents. After 1 week, they called me up to advise that my HTC Magic is ready for pick-up. I’m aware I got a “not so new” model with the HTC Hero (which was the first Android phone I’ve used for 3 months) launched several months after the Magic and the HTC Legend and HTC Desire coming out soon. But almost all the features of the Hero are present in the Magic, and I’m fine with that. Like what I’ve said, the Unlimited Internet is a deal clincher and no other plans from other mobile operators can offer what SMART is offering.

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