Google Reveals the First Functional Project Ara Prototype

Remember Project Ara? It’s been the topic of Google gossip for a little more than a year now, and finally, we have ourselves a solid breakthrough.

One of the most ambitious plans of the tech mogul, Project Ara aims to create modular smartphones with a concept similar to that of LEGO building blocks: components such as cameras, processors, and the like are swappable and interchangeable, enabling consumers to create their own devices that are both customized to their needs and easy on their pockets.

In a recent video, the folks behind Project Ara introduced its latest prototype: Spiral One. It’s the most workable model to date as it now can run apps. The next Ara iteration will be unveiled during next years Developer Conference, and will hopefully be even more stable with custom chips provided by Toshiba.

Having Project Ara become a reality is an interesting notion, and it might even change the mobile landscape. As Google prepares to launch its new Module Developers Kit this coming January, we’re all hoping that the next prototype will reveal much more of what modular communications technology can do.

Sources: Mashable, Project Ara, Google ATAP
Photo: Wikipedia courtesy of Motorola, Project Ara

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