Goodbye, Nokia E61!




As much as I hate to lose this phone, even made a vow before not to let go of it, I’ve decided to sell my Nokia E61. The new lucky owner is no other than my friend X-Mint who was mentioned a couple of times in my previous posts. He badly needed the cheapest 3G phone he could put his hands on and since I have to sell some of the phones that I possess, the E61 had to be sacrificed. I’ve done a lot of things with the E61 and it further sealed my love affair with Nokia phones thanks to the improved S60 platform. And for sentimental reasons, the E61 was my only device that breezed me though my first month in Singapore before I bought my Kohjinsha UMPC. The E61 was always there for me, ready to be used whenever I get pissed at my Palm Treo 750.

Anyway, I told the new owner to sell the E61 back to me in case he gets tired of it. Of course he had to sell it to me at a lower price or else… Maybe by that time the feature-packed E71 would be available then so I could compare both smartphones.

You can find my post about the E61 here.

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