GIGABYTE P1000GM Power Supply

Gigabyte Technology has recently launched its new 1000W power supply , the P1000GM – 1000W 80 Plus Gold certified with fully modular design. In order to meet the demands of high end gaming and overclocking, P1000GM provides up to 1000 watts of power and is constructed with high quality materials. The main capacitors are all made in Japan, coupled with various OVP/OPP/SCP/UVP/OCP/OTP current and voltage protection. A smart semi-passive silent fan comes with up to 10 years of warranty. Its modular and single +12v rail design makes it easy for installation for everyone. In addition, P1000GM leads the industry in reducing the size of the 1000-watt power supply, making it possible to install on slightly compact cases that have become the trend.

Gigabyte P1000GM Power Supply Main Features

Gigabyte P1000GM Power Supply delivers the need for modern graphics card requiring higher power requirements. With its 1000 watt capacity, P1000GM is able to provide stable and efficient power. The fully modular design enables users to install only the necessary cables, making a cleaner setup.

To cater the newer graphic card power requirements, there are six 6+2 PCIe cables for these cards. There are two 4+4 pin CPU connectors for those running with high end motherboards.

Having a single +12v rail simplifies wattage distribution. Anyone installing do not need to compute which connector to use for specific computer parts’ wattage requirements.

In addition, Gigabyte improves the circuit design, while adopting high quality materials. The P1000GM Power Supply’s length is now 14cm instead of the usual 16cm or 18cm length. This allows Gigabyte P1000GM Power Supply to fit in more compact cases.

P1000GM Power Supply Efficiency

The main capacitors coming from Japan, the P1000GM passed 80 PLUS Gold certification. This provides 90% power efficiency and this allows users cost savings with electricity bills while having stable power. The 12cm hydraulic bearing fan is 1.4 times longer than the standard sleeve bearing fan. The fan will be turned off when power consumed is lower than 20% of the maximum, . This in effect extends the fan’s service life. P1000GM Power Supply is designed with OVP/OPP/SCP/UVP/OCP/OTP current and voltage protection, plus a 10-year warranty, giving users a peace of mind.

Rounding out the Gigabyte P Series of Power Supplies

Along with the P1000GM, Gigabyte also provides P850GM and P750GM 80 PLUS Gold certified power supplies. P650B, P550B and P450B are models with 80 PLUS Bronze certification. These new generation compact power supplies are suitable for various cases and have long service life.

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