GIGABYTE has recently announced its new DESIGNARE series DDR4 memory modules in 64GB kits (2x 32GB sticks). Geared for Content Creators, the Gigabyte DESIGNARE series fulfill the need of having high capacity, performance and professional design.

The new memory kit is spec’d at 32GB per DIMM with a speed of 3200MHz and covered with an aluminum heat-sink. The kit is built with 32GB per stick in mind in order to maximize RAM installed on PCs used by content creators. With the current Intel Z390 and AMD X570 platforms; they allow a maximum of 128GB of RAM on 4 DIMM slots. The Intel X299 and AMD TR40 motherboards allow a maximum of 256GB of RAM on their 8 DIMM slots. The DESIGNARE memory kit will be able to fulfill these requirements for improved image and video rendering times. The aluminum heat-sinks are designed in a clean white and silver color scheme, with no RGB lighting to emphasize its professional look, separate from the flashier RGB lighted AORUS brand of Memory Modules.

Currently no scheduled release date along with SRP of the Gigabyte DESIGNARE DDR4 has been announced. To learn more about the product, visit its official site here.

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