Gigabyte Announces Extreme AORUS Gaming Desktops

GIGABYTE presents two Extreme AORUS Gaming Desktops: the  AORUS MODEL X on AMD X570 and AORUS MODEL S on AMD B550. Both adopt the top-notch components and materials for extreme performance. Enhanced with strict verification and leading technology, GIGABYTE
provides these PCs extreme performance with optimized heat dissipation and acoustic control. The system keeps cool and quiet even under the full operation, which balances high performance and low temperature to keep the system noise under 40dB without throttling. Furthermore, the three-year warranty offers an ease and comprehensive service for users.

“When tackling the uplift of PC performance, multi-core, high frequency, and copious storage become a must to the premium PC platform, as well as how to make the best components matrix to provide the optimized performance with reliability turns into more inevitable.“ indicated by Eddie Lin, Vice President of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions. “The new AORUS system is well-tempered by multiple verification and tuning
of GIGABYTE’s R&D team, which provide a perfect match of cool, quiet, and powerful performance with compatibility and three-year whole system warranty.

AROUS MODEL X and AROUS MODEL S come with AMD R9 5900X processor and NVIDIA RTX 3080 VGA card which are almost unviable in the market. Choosing from various RAM configuration verified by GIGABYTE’s R&D team, these two builds go for total 32GB memory. MODEL X and MODEL S comes with DDR4 3600 MHz 8GB*4 or with DDR4 3600 MHz 16GB*2. For storage, 1TB PCIe Gen4 M.2 SSD and 2TB NVME M.2 SSD provide sufficient storage capacity and performance.


Your gaming system for extreme performance

AORUS MODEL X sports a chassis having a highly effective thermal dissipation design. The concealed intake exhibits the optimized heat dissipation with stylish aesthetics and performs lower than 40dB acoustic (similar to a library) while running 3D Games. The accessory cables are well-settled in the chassis to provide premium scalability. A thoughtful plug-and-play design for the SSD further enable a simple expandability without exhaustive cable management and screwing. Two options of metallic and transparent side panel offer a distinctive look, and integrated VGA bracket shroud presents a neat and attractive showcase.


Small but powerful! The quietest mini system with exclusive thermal dissipation technology

AORUS MODEL S boasts an exclusive all-in-one thermal design which significantly improves thermal dissipation by maximizing the usable space within the chassis. The concealed intake exhibits the optimized heat dissipation with stylish aesthetics. The CPU temperature can be remain in a healthy state under running the AAA games while controlling the acoustic below 36dB (quieter than the library). Which results in a smooth and stable gaming experience. As a 14L system featuring powerful thermal dissipation, the quietest operation, and premium performance, AORUS MODEL S becomes the first choice of mini system for gamers.

Extreme AORUS Gaming Desktops Specifications

CPUAMD R9 5900XAMD R9 5900X
RAMDDR4 32GB @3600 MHz RGBDDR4 32GB @3600 MHz
VGARTX 3080RTX 3080
STORAGE1M.2 2280 Gen4 1TBM.2 2280 Gen4 1TB
STORAGE2M.2 2280 NVMe 2TBM.2 2280 NVMe 2TB
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