Getting Ready for IT Show 2008

I am not yet prepared, but I want to be ready for covering IT Show 2008 which has started today. I will be going there on Saturday and will take as much photos and videos as I can. My plan of streaming videos live via my smartphone’s HSDPA connection would have to be shelved for a while for the following reasons:

a.) the software wouldn’t work on my Palm Treo 750

b.) i don’t have time to replace the Palm Treo 750 and test a video streaming software

c.) i didn’t have time to upgrade my 3G HSDPA plan.

What I’ll do is I’ll just bring along my Casio Exilim P505 digital camera with extra memory cards and transfer them to my Kohjinsha SH6 UMPC. I’m hoping free WiFi is available in the event.

Thinking about this preparation makes me remember the SITEX 2007 event that happened late last year. SITEX was a very large event and I was so much excited being there because I never had the chance to be in a very big I.T. Show. My regret is I wished I covered it well.

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