Get the Smart iPhone 4s at Plan 800 for Free until Sept. 17!

The iPhone 4s was my first iPhone in 2011. When Apple founder Steve Jobs died, I vowed to get one. I am one of those who thought (or would like to think) that 4s meant “4 Steve.” A month later, Manny V. Pangilinan announced that Smart will be carrying the iPhone 4s. I was up for a retention package for my Smart postpaid plan. That sealed the deal for me and was hell bent on getting that iPhone. On December 15, 2011, I was one of those who lined up and partied at the Power Plant Mall (Smart closed it at 9pm and made it exclusive for all its subscribers) until I went home with my prized iPhone 4s. I fell in love with it and I still find that iPhone very awesome.

It’s now 2014 and in a few days Apple will announce its newest iPhone. The iPhone 4s would turn 3 years old this October, and for most people’s eyes, it’s already an obsolete device. Hey, an iPhone doesn’t get obsolete that easily. They can still be upgraded to the latest OS, most apps still work on older iPhones, and the iPhone 4s’ specs can still slug it out with the smartphones of today. And yeah, its camera is still one of the best!

So if you want to upgrade yourself from a crappy Android smartphone but cannot afford an iPhone 5c or even an iPhone 5, then why not get an iPhone 4s from Smart Postpaid?

Just so you know, Smart started a marked-down sale for the iPhone 4s today! You can get this at an affordable monthly plan of Plan 800 without any cash-outs. Yes, it’s for free! With Plan 800, you get to enjoy daily mobile internet surfing up to 1GB and Php 300 consumable monthly credits.

If you need more information about the Smart iPhone 4s marked-down sale, just visit this link:

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