Gameworks: The Newest Platform For Gaming Tokenization

Gameworks, the recently launched gaming platform, introduces an alternative for users to get secured access to monetization and licensing in gaming. The platform seeks to push forward a tokenized gaming system.

Gameworks was designed to be the common ground for devs, players, publishers, and merchandise alike whether offline or online. It brings forth the GWX token to the Gameworks community as the token of value circulated around.

The GWX (The Gameworks Token) is Gameworks’ token for widespread currency use in their community. So, it serves as the main representation of value in Gameworks to users. It has a wide array of uses online and offline.

Thus, in response towards users, the platform has 3 main applications: the Gameworks Game Central, the Gameworks Mobile Wallet, and the Gameworks Token Depot. Each application has a use designated for user concern.

The Gameworks Game Central emphasizes the use of the GWX token for publishers. It functions as the marketplace where publishers can put out their games powered by tokens. The whole transaction promises to be safe with an easy and secure API.

The Gameworks Mobile Wallet is the mobile app where users can exchange, store, and send GWX tokens. They can send to any player, game, or Gameworks Merchants. In addition, the Gameworks Mobile Wallet provides each user with a profile to interact with and participate at all Gameworks Game Central Games.

The Gameworks Token Depot is where publishers and players would convert cash into tokens. Subsequently, the GWX will be on a few cryptocurrency listings. Thus, GWX will mirror market prices from a reference exchange.

Above all, Gameworks aims to be that platform that practices massive fair play, security, and transparency on its transactions. The blockchain technology appears heavily on the scene to verify and track in- game transactions.

Gameworks is already preparing for the official launching of the Gameworks Ecosystem in June.

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