Fujitsu U1010 UMPC and P1620 Tablet PC




Fujitsu has some amazing UMPCs and Tablet PCs in the market, and I’m glad they’re in the IT Show 2008 to showcase their much talked about products.




The Fujitsu U1010 UMPC was in my radar last year but I found the price quite high for a small device. Still impressive though, cramming all features including a keyboard in a small package. The picture you see above is a G-masked U1010 whom the owner, I believe is a Mickey Mouse fan.

My jaw dropped after seeing this:




James Kendrick’s choice of device is also displayed here! Wow! I took several minutes to play with the P1620. I even took a video, but the SD Card got lost during the event so no video to post. Anyway, what I was supposed to demonstrate is the P1620’s ability to let you rest your palm on the screen while inking. This is what Tablet PC users call “Palm Rejection Technology”. Unlike the Kohjinsha SH6 UMPC I’m using, I was able to put my hand on top of the screen while scribbling notes. No vectoring at all (there’s no way I can do this on my Kohjinsha, and other UMPCs for this matter. your ink will go haywire if you make such attempt) except for the last minute. I can’t explain why it did.





Another good thing about this tablet is the rotating screen. It just doesn’t rotate clockwise, it can also do a counter-clockwise rotation.

If I only have almost S$4,000 grand…







on slate mode



On/Off Switch and PCMCIA Card



Stylus Silo, Memory Card Slot, USB Port 1, Headphone and Microphone jacks, USB Port 2, and AC Adapter slot



The U1010 on the left and the P1620 on the right



See the size difference?

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