First Look: OPPO F3 Plus’ Selfie Cameras

OPPO is set to release a new model that would further cement their position as The Selfie Expert of all Smartphones. The OPPO F3 Plus will be unveiled tonight at City of Dreams, and if you’re reading this post then it means our embargo by the Chinese-brand has already been lifted. I was sent a review unit of the F3 Plus the other day and have been playing around with it since then. For my first impressions post, I will focus on the front cameras which OPPO has constantly reminded us not to show to anybody until the product launch is already done.


OPPO included a second camera at the front of the F3 Plus similar to what Vivo did with their V5 Plus. The Dual Cameras consists of a 16 Megapixel and a 8 Megapixel with an aperture of f/2.0.

I opened the Camera app and switched it to Selfie mode where you can choose among 5 modes to take your picture. While on Photo, you can press a bunch of squares found in the corner to choose any type of exposures, or press the shutter-like icon to adjust other settings.

Back to exposures, there are a couple of ways to get Selfies than the usual filters. Use GIF to create GIF images of your own which you can share to your friends when chatting, or Double Exposure mode to produce trippy and artistic shots. Here’s a sample of a Double Exposure shot:

Beside the shutter button is a switch to Zoom In or Zoom Out on your selfie photo. Zooming out will use the wide-angle lens of the other camera, useful enough to take group selfies (or a groufie?)

Normal Selfie Mode

Wide-Angle Selfie Mode

In the year of dual-camera phones, people will expect that the OPPO F3 Plus will also have a “Depth-of-Field” mode a.k.a. “bokeh.” It does, but man it was hard to find. To turn on the bokeh, set the camera to Beauty mode and tap the tear drop icon. Here’s a sample:

But I think the reason why they included two cameras at the front my hunch is for people who take a lot of group pictures who are frustrated with their phones’ front cameras lack of a wide angle lens. Those are my guesses, but we’ll know why tonight during the launch.

So far, I think the quality of the front camera is pretty good. I will be doing some tests in the next couple of weeks and will post a full review soon.

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