First Look: Lenovo Legion Y740 Unboxing and First Impressions

Oh yes! We have finally received the gaming laptop we’ve been waiting to test ever since we first laid our eyes on it. The Lenovo Legion Y740 has arrived in our studio and we can’t wait to do an unboxing for all of you. We first had a glimpse of the Legion series last summer and we were impressed by what we have seen. Their build quality, the specs, the price, even the after-sales service made my jaw drop in awe! They offered me the cheaper Y540 at first, but they sent the more premium Legion Y740 for our unboxing today!

Watch our Lenovo Legion Y740 Unboxing Video here (please give our video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel!):

The Legion Y740 doesn’t have a loud design which other gaming laptops have. It looks clean, both on the lid and on the keyboard chassis. There’s only a Legion logo that lights up in RGB on the lid. Most of the materials were made by aluminum, I think.

The front part is slim but the back part is a bit thicker. From what I know the heatpipes for both the CPU and GPU are found at the back.

Speaking of heatpipes, there are five vents in the Y740: one on each side, two at the back, and a bunch of holes underneath the laptop.

Most of the ports are found at the back.

So glad the Legion Y740 also has thin bezels. What bothers me though is the placement of the webcam at the bottom of the screen.

Keyboard chassis is solid! And the keyboard itself doesn’t feel plasticky. It makes me feel like I’m typing on a premium ultrabook!

Review will be posted in two weeks. We’ll be updating about our usage from time-to-time on our Facebook page, so make sure to follow us there as well.

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