First Look: HyperX Cloud Earbuds Unboxing

Oh boy, oh boy! I’ve been wanting to try out the HyperX Cloud Earbuds ever since they were announced last year. These pair of gaming earphones were launched during ESGS 2018, and a few of my gaming friends bought them during the event. HyperX offered a good discount and my colleagues took advantage of it. Sadly, I’ve forgotten all about it and I wasn’t able to acquire one.

A few days ago, a package from Taiwan arrived and I have a good hunch what’s inside. During my recent COMPUTEX 2019 trip, I was able to visit the Kingston exhibit and talk to their marketing people. I mentioned that I plan to buy the Earbuds but wanted it to review first. Like a genie, our good friends from Kingston sent me over the Cloud Earbuds! Yay!

The HyperX Cloud Earbuds are recommended for mobile gamers. The number of these type of gamers are growing thanks to games like Mobile Legends and PUBG. While some earphones that came with their respective phones can be good enough, HyperX can provide a better experience for mobile gamers. You see, HyperX has been producing gaming headsets trusted by gamers all around the world. And they did that in just 5 years!

Unboxing the Cloud Earbuds reveals the Earbuds, extra silicon ear tips, and a carrying case that is hard enough to protect it from being squished inside a gear bag.

Here are some photos of the Cloud Earbuds:

These Earbuds are not just for mobile phones. They can also be used for the Nintendo Switch.

My unboxing video of the Cloud Earbuds can be seen below (don’t forget to subscribe!)

While I’m not really a mobile gamer, I would certainly like to try it not only for mobile games, but for PC Games as well. I go from one place to another and sometimes I just want to play games on my gaming laptop. Carrying a gaming headset adds bulk to my already bulging backpack and playing with a pair of earphones doesn’t give me the same experience. While I read somewhere that the Cloud Earbuds can definitely work with a PC, I want to experience it first hand.

I’ll post my experience in my full review which should be up in a couple of weeks!

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