First Look: Acer Iconia W4 Windows 8 Tablet

2014-02-26 07.08.57

My love affair with Windows 8 tablets continues to blossom with PC makers releasing one model after another this month.

Last week, Smart announced the new mobile devices bundled with their Gadget Plans which include Windows 8 tablets. Aside from the Asus Transformer T100 which I acquired earlier this month. another Windows 8 tablet caught my attention during the event. I’m so glad that they noticed my interest, and I am now more than delighted to review the evaluation unit of the Acer Iconia W4.


2014-02-26 07.09.51

The Acer Iconia W4 is the first thing I saw after opening the box. Holding the box will give you an idea of the Iconia W4’s length and width.

2014-02-26 07.13.19

Unboxing the Iconia W4 reveals the tablet, USB cable, charger head, USB OTG cable, Microsoft Office license and manuals. The tablet is almost similar to last year’s release of the Acer Iconia W3-810 (also carried by Smart) but I like the color of the W4 better. Actually, there are a lot more things to like about the Iconia W4. The screen display is beautiful and its Intel Atom Z3740 Quad-Core processor is expected to be zippy and should outperform the W3-810’s Dual-Core counterpart. About the other things I like, check out my full review next week.

Meanwhile, here are some more pictures of the Acer Iconia W4:

2014-02-26 07.17.54

2014-02-26 07.20.06

2014-02-26 13.18.56

Full review will be posted next week but if you’re already sold to the idea of getting this device, you can get it from Smart under Gadget Plan 999. It comes with a Pocket WiFi with mobile data good for 50 hours. Visit for more details.


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