Filipino-American Designer Leads Huawei’s “Dream Lab”

A multi-awarded Filipino-American designer who made it big in the international tech scene recently came home to the Philippines to share his inspirational story of success.

Michael Joseph David was born in New Jersey and raised in San Miguel, Bulacan. Even as a young boy, he enjoyed working with his hands. “Before I learned how to write, I was already drawing and building things from my surroundings and imagination,” he shared. Little did he know then that his passion would garner him international accolades and land him one of the top positions in the design team of digital giant Huawei.

“I am the Head of a group called ‘Dream Lab’ in the mobile division and many of our projects provide archetype and future design solutions. We drive to innovate and a big part of our job is to approach and execute projects creatively/disruptively in order to inspire and demonstrate what the future of Huawei design should be,” Michael explained. “Our aim is for all of our smartphones to foster an emotional engagement with the users, whoever they may be.”

Huawei, a company known for its telecom network infrastructures, pocket Wi-Fi devices, and mobile phones, created the “Dream Lab” as a hub where innovative minds could freely create and revolutionize products that would marry both technological advancements and customer needs. In his line of work, Michael would often draw inspiration from fifteen years-worth of experiences in the design field as well as from organic influences.

Michael Joseph David and Al Dimaanta,Huawei Marketing Manager

Michael Joseph David and Al Dimaanta,Huawei Philippines Marketing Manager

“I find answers to many of my questions in how nature works,” he said. “As for culture, I believe that one must completely immerse in and experience (it) to gain an insight into what people in this globalized world truly desire.”

And culture, especially that of his own, proved to be an important factor in running the Dream Lab, which currently has bases in London, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Tokyo. “There’s so much effort and thought put into every detail and I am a bit of a perfectionist. This is not unique to Filipinos per se, but I see these attributes in many Filipino people around me who work in different fields.”

Michael hopes to continue revolutionizing smartphones in such a way that they would improve quality of life by smoothly connecting what’s digital to the real world. “Huawei has the infrastructure, resource, and technology to be a global leader and I believe this will happen in the near future. It’s all about the journey and I am excited to be a part of it.”

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