Fanless Chromebox by ASUS Announced

The Fanless Chromebox by ASUS, the latest Chrome OS device, has its announcement last week. This device features Intel’s 10th Generation Processors for exceptional performance, a USB Type C 3.2 Gen 1 for very fast connections. The Fanless Chromebox includes Google Play for a wide selection of apps for productivity, communication, and more. which can facilitate efficient work for businesses and employees that rely more on working on the cloud. Protected by a tough and versatile aluminum chassis with a fan-less design enables smooth and reliable operation in harsh commercial and industrial environments.

Designed for diverse industrial and commercial use

Fanless Chromebox ASUS

The Fanless Chromebox by ASUS delivers powerful performance and features that offers smooth and reliable operation in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments. Its fanless aluminum chassis is able to withstand harsh operating environments. But in doing so, is able to have silent operation and requiring less maintenance than systems with active cooling. The Fanless Chromebox can be turned on or off easily in hard to reach areas by using an external power switch cable. To make the Chromebox more flexible, it is backwards compatible with older, out-of-date monitors through the use of an RS232 via RJ50 interface. This allows the ASUS Fanless Chromebox to be an ideal device for different uses:

  • Digital Signage
  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Intellligent Vending Machines
  • Warehouse Workstations
  • Factory Production Lines
Fanless Chromebox ASUS

Another important use for the ASUS Fanless Chromebox is its use as a desktop replacement for cloud workers. Its small size, selection of apps, smooth performance make it perfect for remote employees in getting the work done.

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Access to a rich selection of apps for business and cloud workers

The built-in support for Google Play on Fanless Chromebox provides users with unfettered access to a wide array of apps. Access to Google Play allows users to easily find their favorite apps, install, and enjoy using. This makes the Fanless Chromebox perfect for businesses seeking to streamline operations and for cloud workers adapting to new working conditions including working remotely securely, collaborating digitally and having smooth video conferences.

Security and reliability

Fanless Chromebox ASUS

ASUS Fanless Chromebox design involves security in mind. Automatic updates ensure the latest software and security updates keep the system safe from any attacks, viruses or malware always. A lockable VESA mount enables Fanless Chromebox to be mounted securely in a range of locations:

  • Ceilings
  • Under desks
  • Counters
  • Anywhere to fit business needs; it will be mountable and secured.

An exclusive cable lock provides the ability to secure DC-in and HDMI cable connections in commercial settings.

Fanless Chromebox Availability and Pricing

Visit the ASUS and ASUS for Business FB pages for more updates on arrival and availability of this new product. For those who are interested, people can contact ASUS through [email protected] or message in FB on

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