#ESGS2019 Alodia Gosiengfiao at the PLDT SMART Cyber City Booth in ESGS 2019

Popular Cosplayer and Streamer Alodia Gosiengfiao made an appearance at the PLDT SMART Cyber City Booth in ESGS 2019. Cosplaying as Aurora of Mobile Legends, Alodia had a short chat with the ESGS hosts before proceeding to the Cyber Lounge to play Just Dance.

A few of us managed to have a short interview with Alodia. Questions about Cosplay, favorite games and the importance of her internet connection’s speed and reliability. We also talked about a little bit about Overwatch as she mentioned it was one of her favorite FPS games. One of her favorites is Ashe and that was the hero she played in one of her latest streams. Her way of playing Ashe inspired me to play DPS again in the game.

You can watch our interview below:

The PLDT SMART Cyber City is a huge gaming zone that gives subscribers a chance to experience the hottest Virtual Reality games including Sniper Elite and Beast Saber to win swags. In between matches and the shows, subscribers can also head to the PLDT SMART Cyber City to lounge around, recharge their devices, print photo souvenirs with friends, and bump into their favorite cosplayers and esports athletes such as members of the PLDT SMART Omega Team.

PLDT Home Fibr and SMART have been supporting ESGS since 2013 in line with their push to elevate the local esports industry and provide the best gaming experience for subscribers.

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