ESGS 2018 – Mech Collective Showcases The Best in Mechanical Keyboards

Our friends from Pinoy Part Picker and GGWP Tech in cooperation with Mechanical Keyboard Warriors PH organized a gathering for Mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts. Mech Collective showcases various mechanical keyboards in different sizes, shapes, colors and even the layout!

The gathering was open to all #ESGS2018 attendees. Mech Collective’s purpose was to bring together keyboard enthusiasts and educate those who want to learn different types of keyboards. I’ve been wanting to know more about it and even tried to check out the display units during COMPUTEX 2018.

For starters, there’s a sample of different Cherry MX switches on the Corsair booth. Even though I already own two mechanical keyboards with Blue switches, I still couldn’t figure out the difference among them.


Various brands like MSI, Corsair, Fantech, and RAKK participated in the event. Fantech displayed their keyboards that are waterproof and dustproof. Gamers who always eat in front of their PCs will not have to worry about spilling their drinks on the Fantech keyboard.

The RAKK Ilis was just recently announced and I found it quite interesting after watching its video. Its magnetic cover is removable and can be customized according to your personality.

An ROG Keyboard with a phone holder. Possibly for the ROG Phone?

If you want a split type keyboard, then this might work for you.

I’m not sure if I can work with this type of keyboard though.

Now I’m very sure I can’t work on this keyboard. Looks like a normal keyboard, huh? Look again below

This keyboard layout is called the Dvorak layout. Why in the world did Mr. Dvorak to re-arrange this keyboard layout? Because he just wants it to work according to his needs. That’s what the Mech Collective is also trying to tell me. You can customize keyboards not only on its looks, but also how it can work for you, the user. I tried typing on this layout and was only able to achieve 7 WPM (words per minute.) I will not exchange my 33 years of typing expertise for this layout.

There weren’t much people when I visited during their opening hour, but I heard the event extended up to 6:30pm to accommodate more visitors which jampacked the meeting room in SMX.

Congrats to all organizers and we hope to have another Mech Collective event in the next ESGS.

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