ESGS 2018 – HyperX Cloud for PS4 is a Licensed Sony Gaming Headset

ESGS fever has yet to start but our new friends from HyperX already got the ball rolling by introducing a new product exclusively for PS4 gamers. The HyperX Cloud for PS4 is the very first HyperX console gaming headset that was licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. If it’s Sony approved, then it must be good and knowing HyperX products, they certainly are!

The HyperX Cloud for PS4 is equipped with complementary PS4 matching blue color accents with the familiar HyperX comfort, making it a great fit for enthusiastic PS4 gamers. The headset offers 53mm drivers for high quality sound, and an aluminum frame for durability. It also features a detachable microphone for in-game chat while gaming and can be easily unplugged to enjoy single-player games or for listening to music. An in-line audio control is located in the cable so gamers can adjust their volume easily.

The SRP of the Cloud for PS4 is P4,890 and is now available. The headset is covered by HyperX’s 2-year warranty.





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