Ericsson Launches the 6th Annual Innovation Awards

Ericsson Launches the 6th Annual Innovation Awards

Calling all technology and business students: here’s your chance to create something that can change the face of the digital world.

Ericsson, a company that aims to shape global communications, has recently announced the  the Sixth Annual Innovation Awards for university students who want to make a positive mark in the field of technology.

Students from all countries are invited to form groups of two to four and work on the theme of “The Future of Learning” guided by the following questions:

  • How can we make learning accessible for all?
  • What do we need when lifelong learning becomes necessary for everyone?
  • What are the new tools and methodologies when learning becomes and online activity and it happens more and more away from school buildings?

After registering, teams will need to submit a video via YouTube, a product description document, a business case, and details about team members. The idea to be pitched should be both innovative and functional.

The ten semi-finalists to be chosen will be mentored by Ericsson’s representatives and will be given the chance to create a mock-up or a prototype of their innovation. Winners will receive 25,000 EUR, while second and third runners-up will receive 10,000 EUR and 5,000 EUR respectively.

For more details, visit the the Innovation Awards’ website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

Photo courtesy of Ericsson

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