Epson Utilizes Dry Fiber Technology for Face Mask Production

Seiko Epson Corporation applies their original Dry Fiber technology on face mask production lines for employees. An innovative idea stemming from Epson’s PaperLab A-8000 in-office dry paper making system.

The demand for PPE as well as other resources against the novel Coronavirus only surges forth. Epson is adapting to the times by producing in-house face masks for employees in Japan. This response combines their expertise in Dry Fiber technology and resources to be of better help to their community.

Dry Fiber technology is a dry process used in converting used paper to new paper by offices. Epson’s PaperLab A-8000 is an example of a device with that technology. For producing face masks however, instead of sourcing from used paper, Epson will incorporate functional fibers instead.

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These masks will be manufactured at the company’s Kanbayashi and Suwa Minami Plants in Nagano, Japan. Nagano is also where most of Epson’s domestic employees are located where PPE needs are also rapidly increasing. Epson has no plans yet of manufacturing masks for sale.

Since May, Epson hasbeen producing face masks, 100,000 of which are to be donated to local authorities and medical institutions in Nagano. In the same vein, they will also be donating 5,000 face shields to the same organizations.

Learn more about Epson PaperLab and Epson Dry Fiber technology on Epson’s Official Website.

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