Enjoy Long Battery Life with the OPPO A7

The P10,000 – P15,000 price range in the smartphone market is getting crowded with new phones being released almost every week. OPPO which knows this segment very well, has just announced a new phone in that segment called the OPPO A7, and it has some features to offer which customers might consider.

With the industry’s first big batteries and affordable pricing, the OPPO A series has been always the most competitive smartphone for the price range. The OPPO A7 doubles down on the two important features that customers value most with a 13+2MP dual rear camera, 16MP front camera, and 4230mAh huge battery. The unique Waterdrop screen and premium texture on the back cover also makes its way to the A series. With its entry-level price plus two beautiful colors Glaring Gold and Glaze Blue, the OPPO A7 is a smartphone with high-end design.

The tiny water drop contains a 16MP front camera and sensors that make A7 the phone with the highest screen-to-body ratio in the OPPO A series. With the 6.2-inch HD+ Incell Screen, the screen-to-body ratio of A7 is 88.4%, providing an immersive user experience, whether for playing games or watching videos. A7 also applies Corning Gorilla Glass, providing greater resistance to scratches. Now you don’t need to worry about dropping the phone on the floor, or anywhere else for that matter.

OPPO A7 is designed to be a piece of art as its designers considered every detail including materials, crafts, textures, and even the colors of the back cover.

When you hold an A7 in your hands, you can feel how thin, light, and comfortable it really is thanks to the 3D thermally bent sheet, modified hundreds of times to perfection. With the glass-like cover; you can feel the fine and smooth texture with the Grain Pattern. The perfect combination of glass-like finish and Grain Pattern presents a sense of purity and premium while adding interesting texture.

Another carefully considered detail is the middle frame. Frosted and in contrast to the grain texture of the back cover, it makes A7 even more graceful while remaining low profile. To create a high-end and fashionable look, we selected two colors from hundreds of options to create a color solution that subtly shifts depending on the light. Whether you want a stylish phone or a phone that can show your calm personality, Glaring Gold and Glaze Blue are both equally suitable for you. With these beautiful designs and colors, OPPO is once again leading in smartphone aesthetics.

No matter how smartphone products change, OPPO always keeps bringing the best shooting experiences to customers. OPPO A7 is equipped with 13+2MP dual rear cameras plus AI Beautification. The front camera is enhanced to 16MP with F2.0 aperture, which makes for more outstanding selfies. Moreover, A7 uses a wide-angle front camera, which can contain more scenes when taking photos, especially group photos in a narrow space. AR Stickers is also a new feature of A7. Ordinary stickers only follow the movement of people’s faces while the new AR stickers allow more personalization—it simply it lets you have more fun!

Since the launch of A3s, its 4320mAh battery has gained great popularity with customers. The next in the series, A5, also received great comments from users due to its long battery life. To provide better user experience, A7 continues to come with a 4230mAh battery, which frees you from the concern of battery drain during your day. Smart and thoughtful AI battery management freezes inactive apps and reduces excess caching to save more power.

The OPPO A7, the latest super full screen phone from OPPO, is now available in the Philippines in authorized stores nationwide for P13,990.00.

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