Enjoy Huge Savings on your Smart Postpaid Plan with Flexibundles


What are the problems do Postpaid Plan users normally experience?

1. Go over their monthly allocation for Voice calls.

2. Go over their monthly allocation for SMS.

3. Go over their monthly allocation for Mobile Internet.

4. Pay expensive IDD phone calls and SMS.

Any of the above can be a pain on your wallet (especially if you are out of control like me!) when your mind is fixed to pay only for the Monthly Service Fee (MSF) you have subscribed for. Thankfully, Smart Communications, Inc. launched their Flexibundles packages to give their Postpaid Plan users options in getting more value for the extra services they regularly consume. The service can now be availed by new and existing Smart Postpaid subscribers.

Here’s Anne Curtis TV commercial on shopping for her Flexibundles:


Let me try to explain how existing Postpaid Plan subscribers can benefit from Flexibundles. First, they need to choose among more than 20 bundles that can meet their needs like calls, SMS, mobile data, TriNet (calls or SMS to Smart, Talk ‘N Text, & Sun Cellular), International Calls & SMS, and Blackberry packages. They can choose more than 1 bundles if they wish. Once they have chosen their bundle/s, all they need to do is to send its corresponding keyword via SMS to its assigned access code.

I’ll have myself as an example. I make a lot of calls and I always exceed my 300 minutes allowance in my postpaid plan, and for some reason I also exceed my free SMS. I sometimes pay as much as Php3,300-Php3,700, that’s around Php800-Php1200 more than my MSF of Php 2499. Using the Flexibundle calculator which is pretty helpful in assessing my needs, I selected my current plan and searched for the most suitable bundle for me. I found this:


(click to enlarge)

According to the bundle, the Tri-Net Plus 400 would give me “500 mins to SMART, Sun, Talk ‘N Text and PLDT Landline + 2,000 texts to all networks + 150MB worth of mobile browsing for 30 days”. What?!? Total value of Php5,400 for only 400 bucks??? Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!!!

Now that I have found my perfect bundle, all I need to do is to send an SMS with the keyword TRINET400 to 7577 which I found on their Keywords Assistance section.


(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

I am now subscribed to Tri-Net Plus 400, and I can now make my usual calls to my contacts who are on Smart, Sun Cellular and PLDT Landline without having to spend as much as Php 3,700 as I’ve mentioned earlier.

Of course, the bundles you select will be paid on top of your monthly plan, but like in my case, I will be guaranteed not to go over Php 3000 on my monthly bill. (If I still exceed 800 minutes of calls, then I shall find the nearest Rehab Center for call addicts). And say I don’t want to make such calls anymore, then I can just unsubscribe from the bundle I’ve registered before.

Whether you are in a hunt for a new Postpaid Plan or an existing Plan subscriber who would like to take advantage of the Flexibundles options, check out Smart’s Flexibundles website: http://www1.smart.com.ph/postpaid/plans/flexibundles or http://bit.ly/Flexibundles for more information.


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