Elon Musk Donates 1,255 Ventilators and 50,000 N95 Masks to Help Against COVID19

Tesla is joining the fight against COVID19! According to The Hill’s news report, CEO Elon Musk recently bought 1,255 Ventilators and 50,000 N95 masks from an oversupply in China. With cases rising in America, we can imagine how big of a help this is.

Ventilators and masks are extremely crucial in medical settings, especially in respiratory health concerns. The 2019 coronavirus is a health problem deep in the lungs so many patients may have to rely on ventilators to breathe. Things are going pretty fast, so fast that supplies are dwindling.

The most common transmission method may be through droplets, but one recent study has found that coronavirus can be airborne in hospitals. Yikes. Health professionals definitely need N95 masks the most to avoid getting the virus themselves.

Daily Mail reports that the ventilators purchased by Elon Musk have safely reached to Los Angeles and the masks to Seattle. Aside from this, Tesla will have to play another huge role for this pandemic. Donald Trump, US President, has recently announced on twitter that Tesla, General Motors, and Ford have been given the go signal to make in-house ventilators. According to Tech Crunch, Fiat Chrysler also announced that they will be producing and donating masks at a rate of 1 million per month.

With everyone’s immediate help and support, containing this virus will surely be a lot easier. Check back here for more updates!

Featured image from Reuters, 2016

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