DR’s Christmas Gift Recommendation: Pyxis Magic Duo

I’ll be posting a few Christmas Gift recommendations today, and I’ll start it off with my new favorite accessory called the Pyxis Magic Duo.

We all know that Apple has its own proprietary charging cable used for charging iOS devices like the iPhones and iPads. At first, I had to always bring a Micro USB and Lightning cable for my iPhone and Android phone then eventually got a Micro USB to Lightning converter. The problem with the converter is it tends to get lost easily thanks to its tiny size. Thanks to Pyxis, the Magic Duo is a solution for iPhone and Android owners who just need to bring one cable to charge them all.



The tip of the Magic Duo has two sides. This side shows the lightning tip. To plug it with an iOS device, make sure that the lightning tip is facing upwards.

The other side is a Micro USB tip for Android phones or any devices that has a Micro USB port.

The cable is braided with aluminum so you can be assured of its durability. I’ve been using mine since September and it’s still good as new.

So if you know anyone who owns both an iPhone and an Android phone or plans to move from one phone to another, buy him/her a Pyxis Magic Duo. Available in stores for around P250.00.

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