DR on the GO App For Windows Phone 8



I finally have my own app! 🙂 Last Saturday, my friend Chris (@Xmint) of Microsoft Philippines demonstrated how easy it is to create a Windows Phone 8 app.


With the help of Microsoft’s Windows Phone App Studio Web Tool, anybody can create a Windows Phone 8 app without any coding skills. Chris demonstrated to me how easy it is to create my own DR on the GO app and in 10 minutes, the app is app and running. Today, I got a message from Chris that the DR on the GO app is already available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.



If you have a Windows Phone 8, you can download my app from this link: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/dr-on-the-go/408aee89-ca48-4364-a379-6f0f8b64d7b6

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