The Devant 55UHV200 Review 4K LED TV

I previously reviewed the Devant 65UHD200 Review 4K LED TV which my family really enjoyed during the holiday season. When the delivery guys from Devant arrived to retrieve the 65″ TV, my dad was like “oh well, back to the good old 29″ TV.” Not quite. After the 65UHD TV was placed inside the box, they installed the Devant 55UHV200 4K LED TV in our living room.


Built-In ISDB-TYes
BacklightDirect LED
Display ResolutionUltra HD 3840×2160
Speed ProcessorUltra Smooth Motion
Vivid Motion60Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time6ms
ConnectivityWiFi, LAN, 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 2 HDMI 1.4, 2 HDMI 2.0, 2 Antenna Input, 2 A/V Compontent Input, 3.5mm headphone jack
Power Requirement100-240V 50/60Hz AC
Power Consumption190W
Standby Power Consumption<1W


The Devant 55UHV200 is like the smaller version of the 65″ I reviewed before. The familiar metallic frame holds the 55″ screen display while the back is covered by a polycarbonate material. Coming from a 65″ sized frame, I thought there would be a huge difference with this UHV200. A difference of 10 inches does not look obvious to the naked eye. None of my family members (other than my dad) noticed the exchange of TVs in our living room until a week later! Nevertheless, this 55″ is still a giant TV that every house guest we’ve had rave about.

All the connectors are found at the back including the two HDMI slots, USB slots and AV plugs.


If I was wowed by the fantastic screen of the 65UHD200 TV, would its 55-inch sibling give me an underwhelming experience? Not at all! We can’t even tell which one is better, if it is this TV or the 65-inch when we watched Full HD and 4K videos. Just to make sure that this TV is still the real deal, I played a couple of 4K videos.

The experience is like everything inside that 55-inch frame pops-out as if they were real! I tried watching in different viewing angles and they were all great, so I can still enjoy watching from the corner of our living room while everybody else gets the prime seats while watching.

I also played my Sony PlayStation 4 with the 55UHV200 and I really loved the ultra-vivid colors showing up on the screen.

Playing NBA2K17 can fool people watching on the TV because it really looked like the real McCoy! I did not encounter any lags on the UHV200 and frame rates were on point.


The 55UHV200 is a Smart TV but, unfortunately it is not powered by Google’s Android OS or even LG’s WebOS. This means most of the popular apps you are familiar with might not be available in the Devant. No worries though as the Opera TV Store took care of providing apps which are mostly videos from all around. Netflix is already pre-installed and comes with a FREE 1-month subscription for new users. Devant’s remote control even has Netflix and YouTube buttons for easy access.

Unlike Android OS, the choices in the Opera TV Store are quite limited. Having said that, I was still able to waste a lot of time (in a good way) moving from one app to another. There were times I want a break from Netflix and I went to YouTube and I loved the fact that I can watch their videos on a large TV instead of a laptop or a mobile phone.

I would spend a lot of time watching TED videos, news bits from Aol.on, or tech news from Wired. You may also find some classic movies in one of the channels in the Opera TV Store, though you have to understand that their display resolution is below standard.


If you find a 65-inch too large or too expensive for your tastes, I suggest buying the Devant 55UHV200 4K TV instead. It has all the great features of the 65-inch variant, but a little bit smaller and at a more affordable price of P49,950.00. If I may suggest again, check out the other appliance stores as they are selling this TV for as low as P15,000 off!

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