Dell Network S5000; Introduces New SDN-Enabled Fabric Solutions

Dell Networking S500


Dell announced new additions to its networking portfolio that would help customers accelerate transitions to high-performance converged, virtualized and private cloud environments. These include Dell’s new Active Fabric solutions for SDN-enabled designs along with next-generation management software – the Dell Active Fabric Manager.

Several factors in today’s data centers have operators considering new and different network architectures beyond the traditional three-tier, monolithic systems of the past. These factors include virtualization and new workloads changing the network traffic patterns and demands; software-defined networking (SDN) and the promise of network programmability; convergence of formerly distinct technology silos; and input/output consolidation with migration to 10GbE server platforms. These dynamics present CIOs not just architectural challenges but also budgetary and operational considerations.

Dell Active Fabric describes its approach to providing customers a modern network architecture that takes advantage of today’s technology and provides an easily-scalable path for future growth. It provides a flat, fast, any-to-any multi-path network architecture that is flexible and ideally suited for the growing amount of East-West traffic in today’s virtualized data centers and private clouds. Active Fabric solutions flatten the traditional data center network architecture using high-density and low-latency, fixed-form factor 10/40GbE switches that can be deployed quickly and easily while reaching to hyperscale proportions.

SDN is a logical extension to the enhanced network flexibility Dell Active Fabric solutions provide. The software abstraction layer that SDN delivers is designed to enable open programmability, making infrastructure flexible and adaptable to different customer environments.

The Dell Networking S5000 is Dell’s first 1U 10/40GbE top-of-rack LAN/SAN switch equipped with native FC and FCoE capabilities. The S5000’s innovative system design is powered by an industry-hardened, and feature-rich operating system for maximum dependability and uptime. Dell Open Automation framework provides integrated automation, scripting and programmable management for enhanced network flexibility in virtualized environments.

Key features of the S5000 are high-density LAN/SAN convergence, pay-as-you grow modularity, feature-rich storage networking, future-ready design for maximum investment protection and easy integration with leading adapter, switch and storage vendors including Broadcom, Brocade, Emulex, Intel and Qlogic.

The Dell 10G and 40G Active Fabric solutions, Dell Active Fabric Manager v1.5 and Dell Networking S5000 are available now from Dell and its global PartnerDirect channel partners

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